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Our hospital leaders have a bold vision for our future. West Feliciana Parish needs a state-of-the-art hospital to accommodate rapidly changing health care technology and practices. Our vision is for a new facility that continues to offer efficient 24/7 emergency care services but also has a focus on outpatient diagnostics and services, which is the trend in health care, while maintaining inpatient and skilled nursing care services in a comfortable environment. Recently, our hospital board worked with our parish police jury to acquire land suitable for expansion and construction of a new medical campus.

West Feliciana Parish Hospital is and will continue to be the hub for health care in the parish. We are fortunate to have four family physicians, one internist, two pediatricians and three nurse practitioners, along with several specialty physicians, practicing in our parish so that our citizens have great access to care. The parish had a health unit that offered a variety of services, but with state budget cuts those services have ceased. The hospital leadership is working diligently to assure these services are still accessible to the public. West Feliciana Parish Hospital has acquired the building and has added an intensive outpatient psych program, with plans to offer additional mental health and women’s health services by recruiting specialists and expanding telemedicine services.
The focus on outpatient services is building on the future delivery system of health care that emphasizes less inpatient care, less invasive surgeries, use of leading-edge technology like telemedicine, outpatient diagnostic modalities, and more participation of the patient and their family in their health and wellness decisions.
We realize the limitations of being in a rural setting. This challenges the health care community to find innovative ways for our citizens to have access to care close to home. For example, a person having major surgery at a larger Baton Rouge facility can access care close to home by following up with our comprehensive rehabilitation services which include aquatherapy. Telemedicine and expanded radiological and imaging services are other modalities we plan to explore as a service when we have the added space of the new facility. Our goal is to deliver as much as possible locally so that our citizens will not have to travel out of town to  access needed medical care and services.
Our mission is to deliver competent, compassionate, safe and efficient care so there is an exceptional patient and family experience. For the second year in a row, the National Rural Hospital Association (NRHA) announced that, as determined by iVantage Health Analytics, our organization is ranked among the top 20 critical access hospitals (CAH) nationally for patient satisfaction. This ranking is a testament to our frontline staff that care for the patients we serve.
It is truly wonderful to be a patient in a setting where the staff may be your friend, family or neighbor and care for you as such. We intend for staff to always strive for high patient satisfaction as we continue expanding in the future. We have historically been great stewards of our reserves as entrusted to us by our local taxpayers, and are on the verge of delivering a medical campus that will allow us to fulfill our mission for this generation and those to come.