Why you can’t afford NOT to start a wellness program at your organization 


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RISING HEALTH CARE costs are a top risk that organizations and businesses fear, especially in today’s climate of the penalties, red tape and changing regulatory guidelines of health care reform. Add to that high turnover, low engagement, high absenteeism and burnout, and it all contributes to keeping business owners up at night. So why should owners consider investing in the health and well-being of their employees?

Just look at the statistics and you will realize that a healthier workforce equals a healthier and more successful business: 70% of employees are not engaged at work according to the latest Gallup poll, 60% or more are generally overweight or obese, 30-40% have three or more health risk factors for metabolic syndrome. Burnout, absenteeism, turnover and highly medicated employees cost employers in lost time, productivity, and health care costs.

“It’s interesting to me that business owners will spend the money on taking great care of their medical equipment, car fleets and construction equipment, but overlook the well-being of their most valuable asset, their employees,” says Shelly Beall, owner of SB Wellness Group. “If I had any advice to give to business owners, it would be to take as good of care or better of their employees as they do their other assets.”

Shelly Beall says there are a few reasons SB Wellness Group’s programs work to solve the problems employers are facing:
1.  “It’s all about relationships,” says Beall. “Health is too personal not to work on building trust and accountability into the relationship—on the company level and individual level. We treat every company as if it were our own and all of the employees in each company as if they were family members.”
2.  Customized programming and services/turn-key service. “No one company we work with is just like any other. Each person we work with within those companies is unique as well. Our programs work because we fine tune and adjust to the needs of the individual and groups we work with.”
3.  Knowledgeable, caring and professional staff. “We have built a team of close to 25 who are experts at what they do, including certified health coaches, registered dietitians, exercise specialists and more. Many of our staff got into the field because they have either overcome health issues themselves or have family members who struggle. This brings a level of empathy and understanding that is missing in many other programs.”
4.  “We go above and beyond to ease the burden from employers and HR or benefits managers. We cover and support all steps of the wellness process, from planning to implementing and managing!

So what works? With over two decades of experience in workplace wellness and health promotion, SB Wellness Group has come up with a few basic, but successful strategies for a healthier workforce. According to Beall, consistent, well-designed, well-implemented programming is crucial to getting results.

Regular face-to-face health coaching and health status check-ups  are the heartbeat of SB Wellness Group’s programs and successes. They are able to show employers through aggregate reporting on their programs how employees are improving. A report might show how many employees stopped smoking in the program period, how many lost 10% or more of their weight, how many got off medications or started taking them correctly, and the associated cost savings for each of these things to the company. 

Programs that support, encourage and engage employees in taking control of their health will make the biggest impact on things like productivity, absenteeism and health care cost control. SB Wellness Group has something special when it comes to providing these services to employers. Beall started the company 20 years ago before anyone in Baton Rouge had really even heard of worksite wellness and health promotion.

“I went in to run a corporate fitness center and my heart went out to the folks there, because they needed so much more than just exercise, she says. “I became determined to develop programs that would meet those needs. I just never realized what a demand there would be for our services and programs!”

Two of these programs that have been highly successful over the past several years are SB’s Weight Management Program and their High Risk Coaching Program.

“It’s a very unique program,” says Beall. “We take a very customized approach that includes screening, regular wellness check-ins and health coaching, registered dietitian sessions, exercise prescription, support group meetings, tracking tools and more. In our Weight Management Program, we see 60-70% of our participants lose weight each year, but even better many are keeping it off. In our High Risk Coaching Program, we are reducing the number of health risks employees have, improving their overall health status. What is really exciting is the improvements like reducing and discontinuing medications, improved health status and a happier, healthier person all around.”

A big factor in the success of the programs SB offers is that they provide staff that go into the workplace and meet people where they are most often. Beall’s team is mobile, so the program can also be done in businesses, doctor’s offices or other similar facilities. “We are your feet on the ground when it comes to health and wellness,” she says.

SB Wellness Group has a proven track record. Why are SB’s clients so loyal to them? “I really think it comes from the passion we have for helping others reach their goals, whether for weight loss, better health, getting off medications. We truly build relationships with our clients and their employees, and they really appreciate that needed support on each level.”

For the employer this equates to less turnover, fewer sick days, reduced risk of high-cost episodes like hospitalization, and the ability to attract top talent.

See the ad below to contact SB Wellness Group for more information on how they have successfully worked with these clients and how they can help your group. 

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