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WHAT IF THERE were a smartphone specifically designed for nurses? A device that simplified caregivers’ jobs, improved patient care and made the health care environment flow more smoothly?

Thanks to the Myco smartphone, Louisiana hospitals and health care facilities now have access to this innovative technology.

Pocket-sized and easy to use, Ascom’s Myco device works in conjunction with a health care facility’s existing technology. Myco’s integration software, Ascom Unite, works with most major brands of nurse call systems on the market and is flexible enough to integrate into the IT architecture of a hospital or a care facility. 

The Android-based Wi-Fi smartphone incorporates a high-resolution touchscreen, but is also robust and reliable. Myco is made to withstand drops, hard knocks, dust, moisture and sanitizing cleaners necessary for proper hygiene. Myco’s unusual durability enhances its overall cost of ownership.

Myco (short for “My Companion”) is equipped with superior communication capabilities to mobilize mission-critical information with the touch of a fingertip. It enhances clinical workflow by providing a unique overview and helping to ensure the right caregiver is assigned to the right patient.

Myco puts integrated workflow intelligence in the palm of a nurse’s hand. Nurses can receive patient assignments, access patient records and lab reports and receive messages, alerts and alarms for their patients. Alerts can be sent directly to the nurse’s handheld device instead of being broadcast to the entire ward. In return Myco reduces “alarm fatigue” by allowing nurses to easily see what type of alarm is coming in, the severity of the alarm and which patient it is for. Nurses also have the options to forward or escalate the alarm.

Myco’s local distributor, Executone of Louisiana, also offers its clients the added option of acquiring all of their health care communication systems through a single vendor.

“We offer a nurse-call system, middleware (software that integrates various systems) and wireless communication devices,” notes president Ronnie Juneau. “That allows us to offer clients the convenience of dealing with one vendor instead of three—a real advantage when questions or problems should arise.” Myco is truly purpose-built for clinical workflows and health care environments. Its “user-centric” design evolved from “shadowing” real nurses during their hospital shifts.

 Other attractive features include a rear-facing camera, a long battery life and a rapid battery swap (eliminating the need to wait on recharging). Its small size and light weight make it easy to operate with one hand and comfortable to carry during long shifts. Myco is equipped with outstanding voice-over Wi-Fi capabilities for seamless call roaming anywhere in the hospital. A top display for scrolling messages with a color LED indicates which messages deserve priority.

It is easy to understand why health care organizations are so excited about this groundbreaking technology. In fact, a large hospital system in north Louisiana purchased the product within two weeks of Executone introducing it on June 1.

Juneau explains, “To be successful in today’s highly competitive communications marketplace, you need to rise above and beyond what was previously viewed as outstanding products and services. Executone of Louisiana has weathered many storms over the last 50 years, which has reinforced our belief that we must stay ahead of the competition in the telecommunications industry and continue striving for excellence.

“With the explosive surge of technologies born in the new millennium, Executone of Louisiana has met each challenge and continues to stay on the leading edge of technology and adapting this technology to better serve our customers.”

To learn about how Myco or an Executone complete communication solution improves patient satisfaction and clinical workflow, visit healthcaresmartphone.com or call (225) 295-3500.


Executone of Louisiana  |  225.295.3500  | www.executonela.com/





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